Media distribution

Share videos to social various platforms in one place.

How does it work

Our service offerings are not uncommon but our model are innovative. While providing you with the best quality of work, you are saving more than the traditional video production house. We believe that it's not the cost of putting a video together but the message.

Why hire us?

A lot of production house still uses the the old way to communicate and collaborate with clients, our cloud centric approach makes it more transparent and the revision process if more seamless.

the only thing that's cheap is our cost
Video productions are expensive no doubt, and they never show you pricing until you ask for quote. We live and breath in the cloud so we can reduce our cost by more than 30% against other competitors.
quick turnaround time
Because we are a cloud company, collaboration is easy and reduces iterations, therefore finishing the project quicker without compromising quality.
media management
When you're ready to be published, you have all the freedom and tools to do so, not only that but we monitor your performance in different platforms.